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The Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece (F.T.E.) has a long history, almost 70 years, in providing services to people with visual impairments and volunteers are a key factor in achieving the humanitarian aims of the project. It collabourates with the Hellenic Red Cross and other remarkable volunteers who have generously offered their work for many years.

The relationship of the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece and its volunteers is based on the common desire and effort to satisfy in the most constructive and effective way the complex needs of people with visual impairments. The action of volunteers is coordinated by the Social Service Department in cooperation with the head of the department that the volunteers are going to work.

Voluntary Employment Departments



 Volunteer's work is directly dependent on the will and based on the needs of each individual.

·        Home visit, where the volunteer visits and accompanies lonely blind people, reading them books, letters etc..

·        Telephone communication Programme, where the volunteer contacts solitary blind and is informed about their situation and their needs, so the Social Services Department can help them.

·        Help in movement, where the volunteer is helping persons with visual impairments move in the city.

·        Accompaniment in events and excursions, where the volunteer accompanies a person into various events such as museum or exhibitions visits, theater performances, as well as excursions organised by Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece, in different parts of Greece.


 ·        Reading texts, where the volunteer reads a printed text to blind Braille readers to confirm whether the texts and are identical.

·        Correction and scanning documents, where the volunteer operates a computer and converts text books in a digital form.

·        thermoforming and bookbinding, where the volunteer handles the thermoforming machine, producing copies of Braille pages written by hand and binds them into a book.



·        Playing tapes, where the volunteer helps the reproduction of talking books, the audio processing of digital books, as well as editing and printing their covers.



Tour, where volunteers in the Tactual Museum
supports the experiential tour and the interactive
games and educational programmes of the Museum.




·        Opportunity to serve on the department of their choice, based on their preferences, education, temperament and competences.

·        Effective preparation and guidance of the supervisor of each section.

·        Equal treatment and good working relationship with the employees of the Foundation and other volunteers.

·        Work in a pleasant and organised environment that helps them feel welcome.

·        Information on causes of blindness and visual impairment in general and the impact it creates in the lives of these persons and their families.

·        Opportunities for information and development on volunteerism.


 To do their work without discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, gender, age, religion, marital status, political belief and mental condition.

·        To represent the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece and its morals.

·        To distinguish their private life from their voluntary work and do not exploit their relationships for personal gain.

·        To show consistency in the days and hours of attendance they declared.

·        To use their skills and show adaptability and perseverance in carrying out their duties.

·        To inform promptly their Supervisor for the work undertaken and for notable events.

·        Be aware that, in emergency situations, it is possible to be asked to help.


·        To inform served persons with completeness and validity of the nature and extent of the services provided to them.

·        To respect their privacy and to keep secret the information they receive performing their work.

·        To treat them with courtesy and sensitivity, respecting their needs.

For more information, please contact the Social Services Department on the number

(+30) 210 9415222, Monday - Friday , 7:30 - 15:30.

The activities of the department are coordinated by Mrs Dora Karamichalakou, Social Worker and Miss Christina Vagena, Mental Health Advisor.