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Laboratory of cleaning supplies

 The workshop of Brushes and Brooms was created in 1952 for the visually impaired can take part in the production process. The employees are paid and insured under the current National General Collective Employment Agreement. They are trained in the production of all the products of the workshop, so they can change positions, depending on the needs and the flow of orders.

The Royal Decree of 1954, which stated that the products of the workshop are to be directly sold to the armed forces and public organisations, gave a great boost to the workshop.


·        Brooms

·        Brushes

·        Mops

·        Flagpoles,

·        Brushes


Automatic Brush Machine M40

Clipper Brush Machine

Singer Sewing Machine


Packing Station


The Armed Forces

Local and Prefectural Governments

Legal entity of Public and Private Law organisations