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Tour in the Museum of Telecommunications OTE

On Friday November 6 2015, the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece with a group of 13 people with visual impairment, had the opportunity to take part in a tour of several different senses through the history of telecommunications from ancient times until today, in the Museum of OTE.

Through a detailed, descriptive and worthwhile tour, conducted by a group of specialized professionals, the participants were able to get in touch with the exhibits important collections, that are closely connected to the history of Greek telecom, OTE and the development of telecommunications inventions during the human’s attempt to overcome the spatiotemporal obstacles to a fast and safe communication.

Through 4,500 objects and archival material, the participants had the chance to get in tactile contact with a number of exhibits, such as authentic manual phones,  telegraphs, Byzantine and ancient media, fiber optics, wireless communication systems, tele-photography devices, telex and one of the first Greek TV studios.

Finally, the participants were informed about the ancient Greeks’ ways of communication, the size and form of the first telephone, they listened to a testimony by an eyewitness of the Greek satellite launch, learned about the first mobile phone’s weight which was published in the international market, got in touch with the exhibits, the sounds, the stories. The whole exhibition took the participants on a journey through all their senses.

The tour was completed, offering feelings of inspiration, knowledge and creativity.

The action was implemented within the axis “Program of leisure time activities” of Social Work Program for vulnerable groups of people with sight loss” with the support of charitable organization John S.Latsi.