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Braille Printing Centre

 The Braille Printing Centre is equipped with up-to-date printing embossers like INDEX, THIEL, Braillo and Braillo SW 440, as well as computers, scanners, a thermoform Braille copier e.t.c.

The Braille Printing Center produces Greek and Foreign Literature Books, Children books, Educational Books of all Grades, Foreign Language Books, Music and Byzantine Music Books as well as Books for the Universities such as Laws, Codes, etc. There is a significant amount of students that are served by this section, since their educational books are turned into the Braille Language and this way they manage to successfully complete their studies. 

All the Braille Books mentioned above, except the ones of the School Book Organization that are printed by the Educational and Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind – K.E.A.T., are printed only in the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece.

Apart from the Books, there are four monthly magazines in Braille also printed: a various content magazine titled “FAROS”, a children magazine titled “ANEMI”, a magazine with Health articles and one magazine with articles for the blind. The magazines are distributed all over Greece and Cyprus.


The Printing Centre transcribes textbooks in Braille format with the valuable sponsorship of the National Bank of Greece since 2008 and has been able to provide better services for blind students attending Universities like Athens Law School, the School of Philosophy (English Literature, Department of Psychology), Panteion University etc..

In 2011, all the journals printed by the Printing Centre were granted by the "S. Niarchos" Foundation.