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Social Services


The role of the Social Services Department of the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece


The role of the Social Services Department is multidimensional, as its purpose is to provide a set of support services (accompanying-advisory) to visually impaired people (newly blind or not) in order to ensure personal progress and welfare.

Its concern is the individual approach to the needs of the visually impaired, following the principles and values of health and care professions, respecting the personality, will and self-reliance of every person.

The Social Services Department operates as a link between the visually impaired person and the social environment and develops interventions in individual and family level.

Actions - Programmes:

·        Welcoming and informing the served people about the services offered in the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece.

·        Encouraging them to take part in groups and programmes  and supporting their adjustment process in the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece.

·        Informing and guiding about social welfare services.

·        Accompanying Support Services in order to facilitate accessibility for visually impaired people and resolve their social welfare benefits and needs for public or private services.

Consulting Support Services:

·        Individual Counseling

·        Couple Counseling

·        Family Counseling

·        Personal Growth Group

·        Welcoming, informing and training volunteers and supervising the volunteer network.

·        Welcoming, informing and embodying students of Social Work.


The Social Services Department of the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece is officially recognised as an internship host operator for Social Work Students by the Ministry of Education through the ATLAS, Centralised Internship Support system for Greek Higher Education Students.

Organising and coordinating activities in the field of prevention in terms of health. (medical content meetings, voluntary blood donations, preventive cardiovascular examinations, spirometry tests, colabouration with modern centres of preventive medicine, offering free services to its served persons).

Cooperation and Networking with the public and the private sector- NGOs to cover the needs of the visually impaired.

Organisation and participation in cultural events for people with visual impairments (visits to museums, theatrical performances, musical events that are accessible to visually impaired people).

Organising and coordinating one day environmental and educational excursions.