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Talking Books Lending Library

The term talking books is used for digitally recorded books and are mainly addressed to people who face difficulties with printed books, such as visually impaired people.

The talking books are for people with visual impairments the easiest way to access the contents of the books. They are easy to use, they do not require special equipment or a computer and can cover a wide range of publishing activity, from university books to technical manuals and books for children.

The Talking Books Lending Library has more than 3000 titles available in digital format, two fully equipped studios, where diverse interests books are recorded, of both Greek and Foreign Literature. It covers the daily needs of blind students or readers in notes etc. In 2006, Talking Books Lending Library started the digitisation process and in 2007 the CD recording. With the valuable support from the National Bank of Greece, which covers a part of the expenses from 2008.




Please be aware that CD or cassettes are lent only every Monday and Tuesday, 10:00 - 14:00. You can borrow books using your own hardware (USB, mp3 player, etc.) every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 11.00 - 17:00.

Please respect the lending days and hours.

For your convenience, download the Talking Book Catalogue, select the books that you are interested in and contact the Talking Books Department on (+30) 2109415222.