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Educational Programmes

 Educational programmes for children of 6-12 years shall be working days and hours upon request.

The children are encouraged to touch the exhibits, to palpate, to be concerned and to take action.

The use of masks during the educational games among others increases the awareness about people with visual impairments.

Also courses can be scheduled on weekends, upon request.

Contact number: (+30) 2109415222 Monday-Friday, 08:00-16:00


Instructor instruction


In the Tactual Museum training curricula of training programmes interpreters upon request.

The programme is for teachers of preschool and primary education.


School Visits

Classes of primary and secondary schools can visit the Tactual Museum upon request of the teacher.

In preparation for the visit, teachers can obtain the relevant supporting material from the Directorate of the Museum.

During the Christmas and Easter there are training seminars - guided tours for teachers who wish to present themselves the Tactual Museum.

The participation of students in educational programmes is 2€.


"Palpating the ancient times"

The reopening of this program is among the priorities of the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece. The programme was running before the earthquake of 1999. The participants were blind, partially and fully sighted children aged 11-15 years old. An instructor was giving sighted children masks and canes and they were showed how to move and how to explore sculptures by touch, sensitising them about blindness issues.

Then, an archaeologist showed them how the excavations are made, using a large box with soil where an object was hidden. After finding it, they were shown how to cast copies of the original.