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On January 15th, 2018, the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece hosted the New Year’s cake cutting ceremony at its facilities. The whole event was quite successful, in a quite optimistic and warm atmosphere, with the presence of many members and friends of our association.

The program started with warm regards by the guests of honour and after that there were some religious choral songs and carols delivered by chanters, members of the byzantine choir of the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece, under the direction of Mr Emmanuel Mpasias, President of the association.

Next, two beneficiaries, Mrs Tzevelekou Maria and Mr Kalkounis Panagiotis were awarded and offered two Smart Guide portable electronic devices by Mr Mpasias and Mrs Dimitra Katsarou, General Secretariat, whereas Mrs Gogo Roukoutaki, Vice President A’ and in charge of the Cultural Sector, also honored them with her warm words.  

There was also a music and theatre section, presented by the actor, director and in charge of the Theatrical Workshop, Mr Nikolopoulos John, along with Mrs Aslanoglou Evi and Mr Papaioannou Thanassis, members of the Workshop. This part was accompanied by some piano pieces by the musicologists and pianist, Mr Paparoupas Dimos.

On behalf of the Board of Directors them of The Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece also honoured the occasion: Mr Zakas Fotis, Vice President B’, Mrs Stratigakou Tassia, Cashier, Mrs Chalkiadaki Helen, Mrs Maleza Olga and Mr Lekkas Christos, Members. All of them would like to express their sincere thanks for the honor of their presence the following people:

Mr Mpalafas Deputy Minister of Migration Policy, Mr Karnavos-Mayor of Kallithea,
Mr Kapataes, Vice Governor of the South Sector,
Mr Kotsos, by the Anexartitoi Ellines party,
Mr Kokkalis Menelaos, by the Potami party,  
Μr Karhimakis, ex Minister of the PASOK party,
Mrs Samara Martha, Representative of the Member of Parliament-
Mr Koumoutaskos, Mr Zahariadis,  Manager of the Parliamentary Group of SYRIZA,
Mrs Dmoulianou Korina, Member of the municipal council of Kallithea,
Mr Tsaoussis Menelaos, administrator of ΚΕΑΤ, 
Mrs Geroulanou Zoe, President of the «Greek Guide Dogs»,
Mr Markostamos Panagiotis, General Secretary and
Mrs Fardella Dora, member of the Panhellenic Association for the Blind,
Mr Felouzis John, from  the National nursing home for infants, Mr Daskalopoulos Apostolos from Thisseas Union,
Mr Nikolarakos Michael, from the commercial union of Kallithea,
Mr Pitoulis Dimitris from a city group of Faliro,
Mr Evangelou Elias, Member of the Board of Directors og the American Friends for the Blind in Greece,
Mr Paparoupas Athanassios, ex Director of IKA,
Mr Oikonomou from Technometal,
Mrs Kyriakopolou Xakousti, from the Kyriakopoulos Company.

The President and the rest of members of the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece heartily wish you a good year full of prosperity and solidarity.