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On January 21st, 2019, the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece hosted the New Year’s cake cutting ceremony at its facilities. The whole event was quite successful, in a quite optimistic and warm atmosphere, with the presence of many members and friends of our association.

The program started with warm regards by the guests of honour and after that there were some religious choral songs and carols delivered by chanters, members of the byzantine choir of the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece, under the direction of Mr Emmanuel Mpasias, President of the association.

Next, there were special awards given to: the athlete and member of our Board of Directors, Mr Koromilas Christos by our President, Mr Basias Emmanuel for the gold medal we won at the Dubai Final Oceanman World Championship, the National Goalball Team-that was represented by the coach, Mr Anastos Antonis- by the General Secretary, Mrs Katsarou Dimitra, for the distinction of the men’s team at the Pan-European Championship in Poland and their promotion at the first category and the Bridge Team of visually impaired people of the Athletic Academy of Egaleo-that was represented by Mr Panopoulos George-, by the Vice President-Person in charge of the cultural activities, Mrs Roukoutaki Gogo, for their high distinctions at the Panhellenic Bridge Championship. After that, Mr Mitzelis Theodossis, friend and beneficiary of the association and ex member of the Board of Directors, received an honorary, thanks letter by Mr Zakas Fotis, Vice President-Person in charge of the Libraries of the association, for his offer of audio books to the talking book Library.

The next section was musical, with the performance of two songs by Mr Malas Nektarios and Mrs Xenaki Mariana, friends and beneficiaries of the association, whereas the last part was presented by the Traditional Dance Team, with a narration by Evi Aslanoglou and an enactment by our dancers, depicting Christmas in Epirus, an enactment of Christmas carols through dance and songs-with piano accompaniment by Christos Carnavas and the presentation of two traditional dances, syrtos Pogonissios and Neratzia. After that, there cake cutting ceremony was fulfilled, with the blessings of Priest Nikolaos from the Holy Temple of Agia Paraskevi of the Education and Rehabilitation for the Blind.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of The Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece also honoured the occasion: Mrs Stratigakou Tassia, Cashier, Mr Lekkas Christos and Mrs Tzevelekou, Members and on behalf of the Management section, the General Manager, Mr Karkoulias George and the Manager of the Social Care Division, Mrs Mila Georgia.


All of them would like to express their sincere thanks for the honor of their presence the following people:

Mrs Fotiou Theano, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Mr Rigas Panagiotis, Deputy Minister of National Defence, Mr Karelas Dimitris, General Secretary of Labour  and Social Affairs, Mr Manios Nikolaos, Member of Parliament in the island region of Cyclades with Syriza and coordinator of the Social Welfare committee of the Parliament, who also represented the President of the Greek Parliament, Mr Nikos Voutsis, Mr Mpalafas John, Deputy Minister of Migration Policy, Mr Papathanassiou John, former Minister of Finance with Nea Dimokratia, Mr Karnavos-Mayor of Kallithea,  Mrs Giannakou-Paschou Anna, Vice Mayor of Kallithea for Social Policy, Mr Mpalafas George, Regional Councelor of North Section with the party “Dynami Zois”, Mr Kapataes, Vice Governor of the South Sector, Mrs Leventi Aggeliki, Regional Counselor of South Section and in charge of Social Affairs matters, Mr Zahariadis Konstantinos,  Manager of the Parliamentary Group of SYRIZA,  Mrs Samara Martha, Representative of the Member of Parliament-Mr Koumoutaskos, Mr Askounis Kostas, Former Vice Mayor of Kallithea, Mr Mproulias George, Vice-Mayor for Waste Management of the Municipality of Athens, Mr Margiolas Elias, President of the  Panhellenic Association for the Blind, Mr Markostamos Panagiotis, General Secretary of the  Panhellenic Association for the Blind and Mrs Fardella Dora, Cashier, Mr Sifakis Dimitris, representative of ESAMEA and of the Athletic Union of People with disabilities, Mr Tsaoussis Menelaos, administrator of the Center for Education and Rehabilitation for the Blind, Mrs Panigiraki Maria FROM the Social Services Department of the Center for Education and Rehabilitation for the Blind, Mrs Lazou Georgia from AMKE Protoporia, Mr Aggelopoulos George, Procurement Supervisor FRIGOGLASS Company, as well as all the supporters, members, friends and working people of our association.

The President and the rest of members of the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece heartily wish you a good year full of prosperity and solidarity.