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Announcement of the musical event “RETRO, old songs & serenades”



On Monday, February 17 of 2020, a music event titled "RETRO, old songs and serenades" was held in collaboration with the Greek musician David Nachmia and his three partners who they are unique performers, Mr. Alexandros Sigalos, Ms. Evelina Nikoliza and Ms. Christina Samara who sang some of the most beautiful songs of the 20th century.

At this beautiful musical event, we were honored by the presence of our Board of Directors, Mr. Basias Emmanouil President of the Board, Mr. Zakkas Fotios Vice President, Mrs. Roukoutaki Gogo Vice President & Head of Cultural Activities, Mrs Katsarou Dimitra General Secretary and Mr. Lekkas Christos member of the Board of Directors.

The state was attended by Mrs Gripari Antonia Community Advisor with the combination “Prooptiki Zois”.

The event started with a warm reception of our guests, who they were welcomed by Mr. Bassias Emmanouil, and began the music program with Mr David Nachmias playing the piano accompanied by the melodious voices of the performers, who traveled us through their unique songs and serenades that talked about love, care, bitterness, youth and the years that never come back.

The success of the event was marked by the prolonged applause of our crowded auditorium.

We would like to thank Mr. David Nachmia for the editing and implementation of the music program and the performers for this beautiful musical event