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On January 27th, 2021, the Lighthouse of the Blind of Greece had its annual festive event on the occasion of celebrating the advent of the New Year.

Given the special conditions of the period due to the pandemic, the event could not be held in its traditional form and therefore, our association, always alert and trying to adjust to any situation, organized an Online celebration this time. Although a large part of the audience was not familiarized with such procedures, the event was quite successful, in a quite optimistic and warm atmosphere, with the participation of many official guests, members & friends of our association.

The program started with warm regards by Mr Mpasias Emmanuel-President of the Association and the following guests of honour:

Mrs Makri Zetta-Deputy Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, responsible for primary, secondary and special education, Mr Evaggelos Syrigos-Deputy Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, responsible for higher education, Mrs Dimitra Nanou-Regional Vice Governor of South Sector of Athens, Mr Stamatis Georgios-General Secretary for Social Solidarity and Poverty Fighting, from the Ministry of Labor & Social Insurance, Mrs Tsikrika, representative of the office of the Minister of Citizen’s Protection-Mr Michalis Chrisochoidis, Mr Balafas Yiannis-Member of the Parliament of the South Section of Athens with SYRIZA, Mr Karnavos Dimitris-Mayor of Kallithea, Mrs Giannakou Paschou Anna-Deputy Mayor of Health and Social Protection Municipality of Kallithea, Mr Efstathiou Konstantinos-Deputy Mayor of Environment of Kallithea, Mr Avramidis Nikos-Deputy Mayor of Sanitation of Athens, Mr Hatzicharalampous Stratis-President of the Hellenic Retina Society, Mr Markostamos Panagiotis, Vice President of National Federation of the Blind, Mr. Evangelou Elias-Member of the Board of Directors of American Friends of the Blind in Greece, great benefactors of the association ever since its founding, Mrs Kalypso Nomikos-representative of the George Vergottis Memmorial Fund Stiftung, precious supporters of the association over the decades, Mrs Pesmatzoglou, representative of Zoodohos Pigi, supporter of our causes, Mr Miliones Apostolos-Professor of the Piraeus University and cooperator of the association in terms of the implementation of the ΜΑΝΤΟ Blind Program.

Moreover, Mr. Elias Margiolas-President of the Panhellenic Association for the Blind, who could not participate due to an obligation, addressed greetings and wishes through a letter to the Lighthouse, while wishes and support for the worthy causes of our association were also forwarded by the Office of the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, Mrs Niki Kerameos.

After that, there were some religious Choral songs and Carols along with a song-creation of the President, dedicated to the Lighthouse delivered by him and his son, Mr Mpasias Zacharias, accompanied by guitar and accordion,

Later, Mrs Gogo Roukoutaki, Vice President, Head of Cultural Actions & Member of the Theatrical Team of our Association, after welcoming the attendants and addressing wishes, she recited the poem "Na ta poume?", creation of Mr. Zakkas Fotis-Vice President and in charge of the Libraries. Mr Zakkas also welcomed all the participants and reassured them about the continuation of the efforts for the enrichment of the accessible Libraries of our association. There were also greetings and wishes delivered by Mrs Katsarou Dimitra, General Secretary of the association.

An amusing part of the evening was the screening of a short video of successful performances by the Traditional Dance Group and the Latin Group of the association.

The event was completed with some words by the President, Mr Mpasias, with thanks for the honor of the presence of all and emphasis on the need for constant support of the high and uninterrupted work of the Lighthouse by the State, especially in the midst of such difficult times and adverse conditions.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of The Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece also honoured the occasion: Mrs Stratigakou Tassia-Cashier and the members-Mr Violaris Κostas, Mr Koromilas Christos, Mrs Koutakou Stavroula, Mr Lekkas Christos, Mr Palιalexis Dimitris, and Mrs Tzevelekou Maria, while on behalf of the Directorate, Mr Karkoulias George General Manager, and Mrs Mila Georgia-Manager of Social Welfare & Development.

The Members of the Board of Directors of the Lighthouse of the Blind of Greece, would like to express their sincere thanks for the honor of their presence the following people:

Mr Papaioannou Thanassis-President of the Αuditing Committee of the association, Mr Tsoulos, Manager of the Office of the Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports Mr. Lefteris Avgenakis, Mrs Triantafyllou from VIANEX, Supporter of our mission, Mr. Boukouvalas Municipal Councilor of Kallithea, with the party of Mr. Askounis,

as well as all our friends, beneficiaries, members and supporters

who attended the event via ZOOM or via livestreaming at Facebook.

The Board of Directors and the Directorate of the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece, heartily wish you a good year full of prosperity and safety.